Choosing the Right Water Filter for Your Home

There’s nothing more refreshing than a fresh glass of water. However, there are some days when opening the tap to get some fresh drinking water can be dangerous. Contaminants, ranging from chemicals and metals to environmental dirt, find their way into the water. According to research by the Environmental Working Group, you can expect over 300 chemicals and pollutants in the water. Thankfully, there are quite a few filter options to hold off the toxic mix.

Charcoal Water Filters

If you want a cheaper solution, buy a charcoal filter that you can attach to your faucet. The device has granulated activated charcoal cartridges which act as the main filtering agent. They are effective at neutralizing chlorine, but don’t do much against other contaminants though. However, it’s better than nothing.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis filter are very effective filtration systems. It uses a semipermeable membrane filter combined with the principle of osmosis to push water through it to clean up the water. However, it does create several gallons of dirty water on each gallon of filtered water. An additional side-effect is that it works too well; the trace minerals usually found in water are also removed. It’s an excellent option for its price.

Solid Block Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are another great option. It removes a majority of contaminants and delivers no waste. Simple gravity drives the water down through the carbon, resulting in clean water. Unfortunately, it is a bit bulky and you may need some extra space for it.


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