Myths About Reverse Osmosis Water: True or False?

Ask people to drink “reverse osmosis water”, and they might think you’re trying to make them drink something that is dangerous. It can’t be helped, as the way it sounds seems like it came straight out of a comic book. But reverse osmosis water is actually a technical term for purified water. Reverse osmosis makes desalination, which is the process of separating salt from sea water, possible. However, some believe that purified water is actually dangerous for human consumption. Is this true?

The answer is a resounding no. The soda you are drinking right now uses reverse osmosis water as its main ingredient. Drinking bottled water also means drinking reverse osmosis water; chances are, you drink it after every gym session. The fact that you’re still alive right now disproves the idea of purified water being unsafe. Also, cities in the US are already providing tap water sourced from reverse osmosis facilities to their communities.

You probably have also heard about the myth of purified water having no minerals whatsoever. Actually, reverse osmosis removes only the inorganic and unhealthy components of sea water. The process has only one goal: to provide the purest drinking for everyone to intake.

Commercial reverse osmosis systems have made it possible for the general public to enjoy clean water at an affordable cost. Reverse osmosis is indeed a significant milestone in the development of safe water technology. So don’t be afraid, take a sip, and enjoy the fruit of science.


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