Facing the Challenge of a Brackish Water Supply

There are times when a business or residence is too far to be connected to the city water supply. In most cases, these people have a well to draw potable water from. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for a select few.

If you live in an area where sea and fresh water meet, thereby resulting in the presence of estuaries, you probably have to use brackish water as your main source of hydration. Unfortunately, brackish water has an unpleasant taste and can be home to certain pathogens that cause a variety of illnesses.

As such, brackish water must be thoroughly filtered and disinfected before it can be used for human consumption. Typically, this entails an arduous process of repeatedly boiling and filtering the water.

Fortunately, for those who must use brackish water as their water supply, there are simpler ways to make the water potable. One such way would be to install a brackish water reverse osmosis (RO) filter.

Like a standard RO water filter, brackish water RO filters use a special membrane that removes harmful organisms and substances from water, making it potable. The only difference is that the membrane used in this type of filtration system is designed to handle the unique composition of brackish water.

There will be times when you have no choice but to resort to brackish water (or saltwater) as a main water source. If such happens, consider looking for a quality RO water filtration system to keep water safe for consumption.


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