Drinking the Unthinkable

We live in a world of recycling—and this is definitely a good thing as it is good for the environment and key to our planet’s survival. In fact, evolving technology is allowing scientists in Michigan to recycle something essential from something absurd. Imagine a method of turning cow manure into clean water. Keep your lunch down—it gets better.

Water as By-product

Animal manure is ninety percent water, but it does contain large amounts of nutrients, carbon, and pathogens.  The technology, which was developed in Michigan State University, for separating water from manure is called the McLanahan Nutrient Separation System. It involves an anaerobic digester coupled with air stripping, ultrafiltration, and commercial reverse osmosis systems. The project began a decade ago and is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.

Not for Human Consumption…Yet

Should the experiment yield more positive results, researchers intend to use the recycled water for irrigation and feeding livestock to assist farmers in drought-stricken areas. The lack of water can easily make or break the viability of farmland.  If a thousand cows can produce ten million gallons of manure a year, imagine how much water could be produced.

Water is Life

The development of essential recycling methods confirms that the planet’s natural resources are dwindling, forcing mankind to innovate. Although researchers are quick to refute the environment’s diminishing wealth, the writing is on the wall and clear as day.

There is an urgent need for mankind to become frugal with the environment.


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