Adding RO Membrane in Housing Systems

It’s a scary fact that freshwater, which is responsible for keeping life on this planet along with oxygen, is starting to run out. Governments around the world must find sustainable solutions to this looming crisis. One method, in particular, is becoming very popular: desalination. This involves turning seawater into fresh water, a feat that was once thought impossible.

How desalination works

Desalination reduces water to its basic elements—salt and water. Remember that first grade project where you were required to separate salt from water through evaporation? That’s essentially how desalination works, albeit at a much larger scale. The downside to large-scale desalination is the cost and energy required to make it work. Yet thanks to new technologies like reverse osmosis, these issues are now being addressed.

What is reverse osmosis?

Although the term sounds complex, it’s actually a rather straightforward water filtration process. In reverse osmosis (RO), dissolved contaminants are removed from water by pushing the contaminated water through a semi-permeable RO membrane. The membrane permits only water to pass through and flushes impurities and contaminants like salt down the drain.

What lies ahead?

The world is still a long way off from realizing its seawater desalination goals. In line with this, water treatment manufacturers will continue to develop their reverse osmosis filtration products to meet growing demands and ever-improving industry standards. Apart from commercial systems, it would benefit you to know that these firms also supply replacement membranes for your residential convenience.


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