Drink Up: The Types of Clean Water on the Market

Drinking water may seem simple, however, nowadays there are several varieties of water you can drink. This is because of the differing ways that water can be purified. Your choice of method will affect what type of water you will be using on a regular basis, whether it’s for drinking or otherwise. Here are some of the choices that you have.

  • Distilled Water. Purified via a distillation process, which boils and condenses the water, this type of water is stripped of any contaminants and natural minerals. This may sound great, but your body needs some of these minerals. It’s perfect though if you’re thinking of going on a detox regimen.
  • Reverse Osmosis Water. A reverse osmosis filter uses high water pressure to reverse the osmosis process, forcing dirty water through a membrane to join clean water on the other side. This approach removes many of the large particles in the water and most of its minerals. The result is a low-mineral and low-sodium water that tastes great and work well for mixing drinks or for drinking in general.
  • Deionized Water. Some places have “hard water,” meaning water with high mineral content that can damage plumbing and even people’s bodies. A deionization process “softens” this water and removes impurities, though not bacteria and pathogens.

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