RO System Maintenance

A reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system is an effective tool to help your household achieve your needs and standards in drinking water. Some health therapies online, for example, require early morning hydration, and a clean glass of water is just what you need to jumpstart your body in the morning.

Even the best RO systems, though, would need regular maintenance and some downtime, especially the RO membrane housing. Here are a couple of things you can do yourself, with a bit of training from your manufacturer/provider, to keep your system functioning well.

Cleaning the membrane

When replacing filters, close the main utility line and open the faucet to clear out the water in the storage tank. The objective is to clean out the membrane before putting in a new one. Prepare a storage medium, like a bucket, to capture the water and place it somewhere out of the way.

You can then open each membrane casing and extract the membrane inside, but take care not to spill any water that’s left. Take the time to clean out the housing then insert the membrane cartridges, but watch out for the O-ring as you need it in proper alignment for the membrane to work properly.

Removing minerals

Your RO membrane system needs a regular maintenance program to check and take care of mineral clogs that may hamper the filter’s operation. The minerals usually include calcium, manganese, and iron.


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