Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems: Axeon’s Available Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems for Desalination

World consumption of water doubles every 20 years, which is more than double the rate of population growth. According to the forecast, for the year 2025, the demand will exceed the resources by 56%. This will result in a permanent drought in some areas, population movements in coastal cities and an increasing demand for water in industry. Fresh water resources are diminishing while water consumption in industry and other human needs is increasing.

The lack of fresh water slows economic development and reduces the quality of life. An urgent global need for more effective management of this valuable resource is obvious.

AXEON Water Technologies has developed reverse osmosis machines to produce abundant fresh water from seawater and complex sources of brackish water. A reliable reverse osmosis machine, in other words, can mean the difference between scarcity and sufficiency.


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