Reverse Osmosis Provide Fresh Water for Businesses

Water isn’t just for drinking; it’s the lifeblood of many businesses like restaurants, car washes, and others. However, if there’s one lesson the California drought has imparted, it’s that fresh water is a scarce resource. For coastal areas though, there is a ready-made source of abundant water: the ocean.

Of course, salt water can’t be used directly. The high salinity levels in the water can cause health problems for those drinking it, and many crops wilt with water that has too much salt content. It’s also difficult to use for cleaning and other commercial purposes since there will likely be salt residue. This is why commercial reverse osmosis systems are useful.

Reverse osmosis systems can provide commercial establishments with the fresh water they need for their operation. These devices work using the principle of reverse osmosis: they separate water from a solution by forcing the liquid through a semi-permeable membrane thru pressure. The membrane lets molecules with low molecular weight like water molecules pass through, leaving behind impurities that have higher weight, like salt. The impurities are then pumped out with waste water, ensuring that they don’t build up in the filters.

The process is efficient and a commercial-sized system can yield thousands of gallons of water a day. For companies needing a lot of fresh water quickly for a low cost, then reverse osmosis systems are a necessity.


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