The Benefits of Using a Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse osmosis filters are one of the more popular options for a home water filter. If you’re thinking of a way to ensure that your home gets pure water on a regular basis, you can do worse than an under-the-sink reverse osmosis filter. There are several advantages to having one in your home:

  • High Level of Purity. Reverse osmosis filters use highly fine filters. To illustrate this, a strand of human hair is typically around 1 micron. Bacteria and other impurities are generally smaller, usually around from .01 to .001 microns. The filtering membrane can block out anything larger than .0001 microns. This removes most impurities and even minerals like magnesium and salt.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements. Reverse osmosis filters work by having two streams of water as their output: the purified water and the dirtier water solution which contains all the impurities unable to pass through the membrane. Since the impurities are washed away, the filter membrane doesn’t clog up as quickly as other filters. Normally, you would have to change filters every two to four weeks; you don’t have to do so with RO filters. Moreover, to clean the filters would be easy, all it takes is to reverse the pressure inside.
  • Better Taste. Most of the time, you get an aftertaste when you drink filtered water. This is because of the remaining impurities and minerals in them. With higher filtering success, the water will taste better.

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