Protecting Your Drinking Water from Coliforms

There are several million microorganisms living in a single drop of water–imagine how much of that go inside your body when you drink a glass of water straight from the tap. While some of them are basically harmless, many of them can cause serious harm to your body.

What are Coliforms?

Homeowners are particularly warned against coliforms, a type of bacteria usually found on the digestive tracts of animals and humans and are present on their waste materials. The presence of these bacteria in the water supply would usually mean that the water is contaminated, perhaps even by the dreaded E. coli. While coliforms rarely cause diseases on the whole, these might cause gastrointestinal conditions such as severe diarrhea. Children and elderly people are usually the ones more susceptible in contracting these symptoms from drinking water with a high concentration of coliforms.

How to Remove Them?

Coliforms enter the water system through agricultural runoff, which leads toward water sources such as streams and lakes (nearly 75 percent of the freshwater supply in America comes from these sources). It’s important, therefore, to ensure that the water your family will drink is free from these organisms, and one of the most effective ways to do so is to have a reverse osmosis machine at home. These systems effectively remove any particles and organisms which might otherwise be thriving in your drinking water.


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