Looking for Clean Water at Home

Water is never far behind when it comes to home concerns, whether it’s cooking, bathing or simply drinking to replenish your body. If your house has been connected to the municipal water system for a while and certain issues arise with acquiring loads of bottled water, you may want to shift gears by investing in a reverse osmosis membrane housing system. There are many considerations into choosing such a system for your home.

Which Systems?

Buying an RO membrane system for your home may require determining which of the house’s water outlets need it the most. These will include chlorine filters for the showers, the kitchen, and the tap line.


Some water filtration experts maintain that in shopping around for a home RO system, you can have the best value for money when the system has five stages. This extends system maintenance cycles to up to one year; systems with three or four stages can last up to six months before replacement.

The layouting is critical to making the entire system last. In a five-stage RO membrane system, for example, there must be two carbon blocks and a sediment filter set up before the RO membrane. This will reduce the membrane’s strain in cleaning up the water.


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