Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Proper Maintenance

For each type of reverse osmosis (RO) water filter system, the most important part would be the membrane. As the main tool used for purifying desalinated water, the RO membrane must be kept in good condition in order to constantly produce quality drinking water. Familiarity with its cleaning methods, as well as the causes of its problems, is relevant to get the most out of such a system.

Membrane Inefficiency

Without proper RO membrane maintenance, membranes would be prone to problems such as flux loss, which can result in inefficient filtration and the need for greater pump pressure to successfully remove contaminants. For circumstances wherein users notice any of these issues in their system, a certain amount of cleaning may be called for as contaminants such as salts, bacteria and other organics may have already accumulated.

Cleaning methods

Cleaning pumps are available for washing RO membranes. However, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size corresponding to the membrane’s diameter, alongside its required pressure when scrubbing. Cleaning cartridge filters can be used to wash off the particles that have been displaced from the surface of the RO membrane. Recommended cleaning solutions may be utilized as well, as these can aid in clearing up the membrane.


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