What are Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems that process brackish water require a good pre-treatment system, including either the injection of an anti-scalant or the use of a water softener. As with tap water systems and even sea water reverse osmosis systems, the feed water goes into the multistage centrifugal pump and then passes through the membrane elements of the reverse osmosis water treatment system. After the feed water passes through the reverse osmosis membranes, it is separated into two streams: the product water called permeate and the reject water called concentrate. The permeate is collected in a storage tank to await consumption and the concentrate is flushed down the drain. In some cases, the brackish water reverse osmosis systems can be equipped with a concentrate recycle valve. This valve helps increase the overall recovery rate of the reverse osmosis water treatment systems by returning at least part of the concentrate to be reprocessed.


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