Using filters for your Koi Pond

Collecting kois and raising these ornamental carps can be challenging for those engage in the hobby. Raising them for profit may be a good addition to your income, but the success of this business depends on the quality of the water you are using for the pond. To ensure that the fish will grow and thrive well in their water environment requires the best reverse osmosis water filter system you can find.


Choosing the RO water filter system for your koi pond depends on some variables. The water pressure levels are meant to aid in forcing water through the membrane system, removing sediments through the filter, and allowing the filtered water through to the other side of the membrane. The temperature of your koi pond should also be checked. The amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) is critical in allowing the filter to limit the pH levels for the pond. While the filter will work to reduce the TDS count pre-filter, the levels of fish waste, feed, and nitrates will amp up the count at the pond and hinder growth.

Limiting Alkalinity

The specifications of the RO membrane unit are important in maintaining the alkalinity levels in the pond; the acids present are stopped by the alkali, thereby preserving the pH level. Normally, kois are safe in water with the pH level at seven; anything higher may harm or kill them. Maintain your pond’s environment well with a good RO filtration system. Check one for your koi pond today.


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