Why Buy a New Membrane Housing

Reverse osmosis systems are used to purify water and remove dangerous chemicals such as lead, chlorine, and other disease-causing microorganisms. The process ensures that water is safe for cleaning, cooking, and consumption. Reverse osmosis systems are largely used by industrial facilities to desalinate water and filter out undesirable elements from products like milk or wine, but they can also be applied in smaller-scale operations and purify water for residential purposes.

These days, almost all components for reverse osmosis systems come in standardized industry sizes. Homeowners who seek a replacement membrane may find it difficult to find a suitable piece that will work with older systems, however. Fortunately, one can easily salvage the situation by changing the membrane housing and purchasing a standard-sized membrane.

There might be a need to change the system’s flow restrictor if it does not match the membrane’s gallon-per-day capacity. For this reason, purchasing new membrane housing is a much viable option than searching for a replacement membrane. The new type of membrane housing performs similar necessary functions safely and efficiently, and is fortunately not an incredibly expensive solution. The current industry standards are predicted to last for decades, so homeowners need not worry about constantly updating their equipment.


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