Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration is the Future

As the inevitable consequences of severe drought in the Golden State of California get worse, Californians inch closer to the day when they will turn on their faucets and water simply will not come out. This is why the citizens of California have found many creative ways to cut back on water consumption. Other than cutting down, however, a reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system is one of the most effective ways of turning undrinkable seawater or brackish water into clean drinking water.

Reverse osmosis was discovered at UCLA during the Kennedy Administration. Conceptually, the process is quite simple, you take seawater and run it through filters and special membranes that will “grab” the salt and other undesirables while letting the now fresh water through the filter.

As mentioned above, RO membranes are affordable and efficient tools to turn seawater into potable water. As a matter of fact, reverse osmosis filtration is not new to desert communities, what with almost 60% of the world’s desalination facilities located in the deserts of the Middle East. Another benefit of reverse osmosis is that it can extract toxins and majority of harmful microorganisms from brackish groundwater as well as in your average tap water.

Reverse osmosis membranes can remove substances such as arsenic, aluminum, chromium, copper, mercury, radium, and asbestos to name a few. Of course, the functionality of your RO filtration system will depend on the quality of its components. Therefore, it will serve you well to invest in top-of-the-line filter membranes, cartridges, and housings.


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