Use Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems to Make Oktoberfest Craft Beer

Many would argue that the study COED reported about is another reason for people to grab a cold bottle of beer and drink it with much gusto. But for events like Oktoberfest, mere mass-produced beer simply will not do as drinking enthusiasts are looking to try out craft beer, a specialty brew made by local pubs. As these microbrewers do not own or do not need to buy the complex equipment that dedicated manufacturers use, they rely on more compact equipment such as a reverse osmosis machine created and distributed by AXEON Water Technologies.

Many beer pubs and small-scale specialized breweries use commercial reverse osmosis systems in making craft beer for their businesses and for celebrated events like Oktoberfest. This is because reverse osmosis is more efficient than distillation (which is used in the beer-making process) in removing particulates as small as molecular ions from solutions.


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