Water Purification: Your Two Main Options

When you want to assure the health of your family, one of your main concerns is ensuring access to clean water. If your family is drinking water that has contaminants in it, their health may be at risk. For example, many bacteria live in unfiltered water and ingesting or exposure to them can cause diseases; this is the same if your family drinks water with considerable levels of chemicals or metals in it. To ensure your family is safe, you’ll need to purify the water you drink and use at home.

There are two main options for purifying water. The first one is via chemical means. This is mostly done with water that isn’t for drinking purposes. This is because the chemicals mixed with the water are mainly aimed at killing bacteria. One of the more popular options is chlorine, which is used to primarily clean pool water.

The other option is using filtration systems that are used for drinking water. This is done by forcing water through a filtration membrane to remove the contaminants. One of the more popular filter options is a reverse osmosis filter. This pushes untreated water through a membrane via high pressure. The clean water passes through, while the contaminants get flushed out.

Your choice will depend on the purpose of the water and your budget. Choose one that’s ideal for your purposes to ensure your family’s safety.


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