Reverse Osmosis is the Future of Water

While our planet is two-thirds water, only 2% of that is considered “fresh water” or drinkable by human standards. In the early ’80s, pharmaceutical firm Sandoz was faced with the consequences of this problem: They needed to produce and retain the purest, highest-quality water for their manufacturing processes, amid ever dwindling supplies. This led to them being one of the pioneers of reverse osmosis filters and RO technology.

In 1985, Sandoz published their findings on using ion filtration or reverse osmosis to see which produced higher quality pure water for their use. They quickly realized that the cost benefits and results derived from reverse osmosis filter technology far outweighed those of ion extraction.

Sandoz concluded that installing or adding a reverse osmosis filtration system to their existing set-up resulted in benefits like reduced cost, reduced maintenance fees, and much better water. Sandoz was so impressed by their findings that they started researching the possibilities of using reverse osmosis filters on other types of water like wastewater and boiler feed water treatment.

The technology’s usage by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers is but a single example of RO’s benefits for industries as well as for other applications. As the quest for fresh water continues, reverse osmosis filtration is paving the way for a more water-secure future.


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