How Using the Right RO Membrane Gives You the Beer Flavor You Desire

When sipping a pint of beer, you likely notice things like hop, malt flavors, the fruity or spicy tastes, or the acidity; and if you’re a home brewer, you’re probably taking mental notes about such details as yeast strains or the length of the secondary fermentation. What may have escaped your scrutiny is the quality of the water that was used in brewing. Water quality is often overlooked, despite being the most abundant ingredient in beer, and therefore, an important factor affecting the brew’s flavor.

Beer is essentially 95% water, so it’s easy to see that when you use “good” water, you’ll produce good beer. As experts say, no amount of tasty malts and good-smelling hops will help make bad water good. Water is also the only ingredient which stays relatively unchanged from the early stages of the brewing process down to the final beverage.


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